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Stocks fall, everyone dies. [Apr 7th, 7:44pm]
Jubilation Lee's hated word of the day:


I'd probably go as far as to say that it's my hated word of the week, or month, or however longer it's going to get tossed about. Every time I hear it on the news, or read it somewhere my heart goes 'fuh-dump', and it'd be really lame if I got heart failure from this. Or starve to death eventually.

Just say 'NO' to death by economic recession.
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Porn could be a surefire way to go [Mar 19th, 7:05pm]
www.giftsyoucangive.com is a completely useless website if you're looking for gift ideas for people under oh, 65. Somehow I rather doubt that my cousin Harold - who turns 30 in a week - would appreciate things like life insurance or a gift voucher for dentures.

Though of course if he had denture fetishism it would be a breeze.

I guess the theory that the better you know someone, the harder they are to buy for isn't entirely baseless.
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every girl's dream [Feb 4th, 9:04pm]
Things to do before I die:

- learn Swedish. In case I ever decide to move to Sweden.
- grow my hair past my hip.
- go skinny-dipping in Antarctica. Even if I lose a toe it would be worth it.
- adopt a kangaroo/koala/drop bear/platypus, or some other kind of Australian animal.
- throw something heavy and valuable off the top of a tall building. I imagine this would be very cathartic so it should be saved for a special occasion.
- have a conversation with Brad Pitt. Looks simple on paper, sure, but the guy is incredibly elusive.
- buy Disneyland.
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profiled. [Jan 16th, 9:17pm]
If your hands are open like mine, underneath a setting sun. Your hands are open like a child's, like mine. )
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